Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cryptex Investment System Legit ?

Yes, 100% Legit! Cryptex guarantees the fastest and the most exciting returns on your investments. This is a unique investment platform that is secure, smart and easy-to-use. you can verify the authenticity of our company at ---> the UK Company House Website

How can I start Investing?

To start earning is Very Easy!
After creating your account here: Create Account Login to your dashboard and... 1. Choose your preferred investment plan
2. Make your investment deposit.
3. After your deposit, kindly fill the complete investment form, to complete your registration process.
4. After your investment, wait for the specified time to get your returns. ROI is automatically credited to your wallet and withdrawal is automatically made at your request.

Can we use Cryptex Platform for free ?

Cryptex Platform is absolutely free. You are only charged when you request for special consultation or external FoRex Services which is on agreed terms between you and Cryptex Company.

How could any one make a deposit ?

Making a deposit is easy. Just login to your dashboard, click on deposit, choose the amount and make your deposit. To confirm, send your deposit proof to info@cryptexlimited or

When can I withdraw my earnings? ?

Withdrawals are automatically processed by our system. No stress! No hassles!